I still remember how people reacted when the very first version of this game appeared, it was total madness, everyone started playing it, the mobile version also exploded on market, I think it was number one in terms of downloads. Yeah, few knew back then how popular this game would be…

Anyway, there is the second version of the game available already and it has some major improvements compared to the first version of the game, we will cover all the details below so stay with us.

There are four buttons in total:
– up arrow key for jumping
– down arrow key for ducking
– right arrow key for turning right
– left arrow key for turning left

About the game
This is a running game, but what does it exactly mean? Well, here your main objective is to run and stay alive at the same time, you have to jump, maneuver, avoid obstacles, grab bonus points, etc. Your main objective is to survive the maze and reach the finish line alive. Such games tend to be very relaxing and offer the opportunity to relax after a long and stressful day, I guess this is one of the reasons why it is so popular.

Temple Run 2 has other interesting features as well, we will talk about them below.

In the main menu of the game we can select different characters, it just changes the cosmetics of your main character and nothing more, no stat increase of anything like that. The list of characters includes: Professor Jones, Lara Bones, Mummy, Agent 99, Disco Dancer, and Cubeman.

Apart from changing characters, you can also mute the game. Oh, almost forgot to warn you, you can change characters if you have enough points, some characters cost like 300 points while others cost as much as 5000. Points can be earned by playing the game and getting bonuses.

Calculating your scores
I love how detailed your score is shown once you have died or finished round, it has all the necessary info of your stats, like: total score, distance, amount of coins, and the label that indicates whether or not if it is your top record.

You may also play again current level by hitting the reply button, very convenient I would say.

Tips for beginners
Running games usually require from you fast reaction, fast decision making, and calm mind. in order to succeed in Temple Run 2, I highly recommend you to train those three skills, especially the third one – being calm. People who panic in the game usually make most of the mistakes, it is okay to fail a couple of times in the beginning, you can always try again so be calm and enjoy the game.

Download on your phone
Most players enjoy this game on their mobile phones, you can also join them by downloading the app, we have download links available for you, check them below.

Video guide
Wanna see how pro players play this game? Check the following video from YouTube, you might learn a lot of interesting tricks from it and enjoy the gameplay.

This is the second version of the game, it has so many new features, options, as well as improved graphics and a smooth engine. Watching how your character moves in this game, maneuvers and jumps is pure enjoyment.

Well, enough of talking, it is time for some action, scroll up, hit that play button, and conquer dangerous mazes, also don’t forget to leave your comments below, tell us what you think about Temple Run 2.